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How to Reduce Cavities During Halloween

Halloween and candy are synonymous with each other as kids take their scariest costumes door to door in hopes of a special treat or two. Kids receive far too much candy than they need and everyone knows that candy contains sugar. Sugar itself does not cause cavities, but it does feed bacteria that cause cavities. The more candy that a child consumes, the greater his or her risk for developing not only cavities, but other oral health concerns as well. Want to ensure your kids have a safe Halloween and avoid developing cavities? It’s not as difficult as it might seem.

Sugar-Free Alternatives

Sugar-free candy may lack the same rich taste as the real deal, kids won’t notice the difference and it’s much easier on the teeth and the tooth enamel. Consider buying your kids a few sugar-free treats instead of giving them the sugar-filled candies offered on Halloween.

Limit Candy Intake

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Every child deserves an occasional sweet treat. Make sure that you allow them a piece or two of their candy but then limit their intake. Kids will certainly eat way too much candy if allowed. Take control and minimize candy.

Watch Halloween Movies

Tons of Halloween movies make fun for kids of all ages, even teens. Rather than go out for a night of trick or treating and bring home all that candy, opt for movie night instead. Pop some popcorn and add a few non sweet treats for unforgettable fun.

No one wants to see a kid walking around with a cavity or even with tooth loss and the need for partial dentures hemet later in life simply because they overindulged in Halloween candy. Use the ideas above to ensure Halloween is fun, enjoyable and safe, even for your child’s oral health.