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Time For A Group Hug?

Aw! Who couldn’t do with one right now? Because it has been pretty tough lately, hasn’t it? Who can barely cope these days in these troubled and uncertain times? Come on, you have to admit, you could do with a hug. And the more, the merrier as they say. How about a group hug then? Join a group therapy benton session and you could have one of those. A group hug. And you’ll have more of those.

group therapy benton

And did you know this much about the jug? See now if you fall into this category. You do know your zodiac sign now, don’t you? And do you think that you might be falling for depression? Well now, if you’re a Cancerian, then that’s your remedy for depression. A hug. How about that? How sweet. And surely you must have felt the effect? What a difference just the gentlest of nudges makes to a person’s shoulder when he or she is feeling pretty down.

And in no way must this be seen as being sexist because gentlemen, if that is what you are, gentlemen, you have no idea how much it means to your spouse or partner or the love of your life when you give her just the slightest of pats, it could even be a squeeze, on her backside. It is the physical side of showing affection, showing love and appreciation of the other half. The better half? For better or for worse?

You wonder why they say those sort of things. It does sound rather negative. Imagine what it must sound like to someone who is chronically or clinically depressed. It is said that such a person needs to be surrounded by as much positivity as possible. And that is a bare fact.

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